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This service is for clients who currently do not have eyelash extensions on.

You can choose between classic lashes, hybrid lashes, or volume lashes when booking. Classic lashes consist of a single extension applied to one natural lash to add length. Volume lashes consist of super light individual volume fans applied to an individual natural eyelash which will add length and volume. Hybrid lashes will be a combination of volume and classic for a natural look while still adding slight fullness.


This service is reserved for clients coming in with work on from another lash tech. Clients must have 40% of lashes left when they come in for the fill. This service will last up to one hour and 45 minutes. Please understand that if the lashes were applied incorrectly that you may need a removal and a full set,


This service is for existing clients who need a fill. This timeframe is recommended for clients who haven't had a fill in two weeks or less.


This service is for existing clients who need a fill. This timeframe is recommended for clients who have not had a fill in over two weeks. 

Full set

NEw Client Fill

60 minute fill

90 minute fill